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Here are some Literacy pages for you to explore.

Click below for lots of fun maths games


Bitesize English


CVC Machine (ICT Games)
CVC Maker (Crickweb)
Letter Sounds(ICT Games)
More Letter Sounds (British Council)
Read a book (Sebastian Swan)
Reading key words (ICT Games)
Using connectives (BBC)
Phonic Word Search  (ICT Games)

Number Labels   (Crickweb)

Alien Punctuation   (BBC Bitesize)


Use your own dialogue to create an alien story  (Crickweb)

Grouping Verbs  (Crickweb)


Making a sentence (BBC Bitesize)


Spelling City - Games to help you learn your spellings!
Caryl Hart (Childrens' Author) website