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Holland House Infant School And Nursery

Happy and Hard Working


Attendance at Holland House

We have very high expectations and standards of attendance at Holland House, and children enjoy coming to school.


Hollie the Holland House Owl

Meet Hollie the Holland House Owl, she is our attendance mascot. Hollie rewards pupils who come to school every day, giving out individual certificates and prizes each term. She comes to our weekly assembly, the class with the highest attendance wins a star on our attendance board. The winning class also receive a certificate to display in their room and Hollie's friend Hector comes to spend the week with them.

The children are really looking forward to being rewarded with a class party if their class has the highest attendance at the end of the term!


Monitoring Attendance

At Holland House we monitor attendance and punctuality very closely, and regularly share information with parents about the negative impact that poor attendance can have on a child's progress and development. The threshold for persistent absence is 90%.

Holland House is a SPOTLIGHT school and in September, each year, we send out a letter sharing important information with parents about the programme. 

You can download a copy here. Spotlight letter - September 2022


Every school day is very important and we are committed to high levels of attendance for all children.

Every school day counts!


Attendance during the school year.

Equates to days absent    Which is approximately... Which means the number of lessons missed are
94%  10 days    2 weeks  50 lessons
90%  19 days    4 weeks  100 lessons
 85%  29 days    6 weeks  150 lessons
80%  38 days    8 weeks  200 lessons
 75%  48 days    10 weeks  250 lessons
 70%  57 days    11.5 weeks  290 lessons
 65%  67 days    13.5 weeks  340 lessons

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Class Winners

Week Ending: 

1st December 2023

  Seahorses - 93.3%

 Starfish 92.8%
 Seahorses 93.3%
 Turtles 92%
 Puffins 92.5%
 Penguins 90.8%
 Dolphins 92.7%
 Seals 91.4%