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Prime Time Information

Holland House is able to offer wrap around care for all children 39 weeks of the year between the times of 7.45am and 6.00pm. Please contact the School office on 0121 464 3654 if you need wrap around care.

Prime Time Staff

Mrs S Robbins

Play Co-ordinator

Miss S Maddox

Play Co-ordinator

Mrs J Yielder

Play Co-ordinator


Prime Time provides a before and after school service to children who attend Holland House Infant and Nursery School.  Our wonderful Prime Time service within the school grounds utilises the high quality environments, large open outdoor spaces and plentiful resource bank to provide the children with everything they need to thrive.

More, more, MORE

Our mission will remain the same, to give the children the opportunity to relax after their day at school and help support the development of their self-confidence and self-esteem. We will do this through the magic of themed weeks based around the children’s interests. The staff will also host group games each night which are fun and stimulating and bring the children together creating new friendships.  Prime Time will offer more fun experiences for the children, through planning, interests and the usual crazy antics from the staff, which you would expect…I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a musical performance or dance break by the adults during teatime?


Which friends should you always take out to dinner?


‘How can it get better?’ I hear you ask.  How about a new teatime menu based around what the children want to eat.  Each night at Prime Time we will have a different tea menu, this menu will change termly and will include beans on toast, waffles, finger foods and dips and much more.  We will also be planning themed food nights to celebrate festivals and occasions across the year.  Below is next terms menu.






Beans on Toast


Cheese & Crackers





Prime Time is an essential part of the school day for many children.  By leaving the day nursery building and bringing that service back into the school we are uniting everything the school has to offer as an outstanding service. We are really excited about the future of our Prime Time service and what we can offer the children and families. We hope you are excited to!



The aims of Prime Time are;-

  • To provide high quality child care, before and after school during term time with very experienced staff.

  • To provide the children support with a Key person approach.

  • To provide a reliable service escorting the children between the school and the club in the morning and collecting them from school for the evening session.

  • To provide a caring, stimulating, safe and happy environment with enjoyable activities for all ages, indoors and outdoors.

  • To allow the children to plan some of the activities themselves with weekly planning meetings.

  • To work within the framework of The Play work Principles.

  • To work closely with the school, parent and carers and any other agencies to ensure all the children’s needs are met.

  • To be respectful of all major events in the lives of the children in our care, welcoming the diversity of their backgrounds.


    Prime Time Fees;- 

  • 7.45-8.45am = £4.00 breakfast is charged at an additional cost of £1.50 

  • 3.00-4.00pm = £4 

  • 3.00-5.00pm = £8 
  • 3.00-6.00pm = £12 


    Breakfast consists of; A choice of cereal, toast and fruit juice, milk and water to drink.