Moral Education

Here are some of the ways in which we embed Moral education at the heart of everything we do at Holland House.


  •  The children know who to go to if they need help - this is evident with the Friendship Stop on the Playground, Play Leaders (Y2 children, changed on a weekly basis) on the playground at playtime and lunchtime.
  • School Council children being clearly identified with badges and excellent relationships between staff and pupils at all times.
  • Children that are trained Play leaders in school  support friendships at playtimes.
  • The Sports and Well -  being Crew in school encourages healthy lifestyles and competitive sports.
  •  Our themed learning covers a different PSHE focus every half term and this is developed during weekly assembly time.
  • The Eco- club highlights work that could be done to help protect the planet and save energy. 
  • A number of  local and international charities are supported each year by the children through  fundraising events.
  • Children at Holland House recognise the importance of helping others in the local community.
  •  Children spend the first week of each school year familiarising themselves with the school rules and identifying what it means to them in a practical context. This is constantly referred to throughout the school year.
  •  We have a clear reward/sanction system in place at school, which all the children are very familiar with.

  •   Children often receive stickers for their work and behaviour around school. 
  • Certificates are awarded each week in assembly for good work and consistently good behaviour.
  • Friendship leaves are awarded by the children to their friends in assembly each week.
  • Sometimes  children will receive an invitation for ‘afternoon tea’ with Mrs Bradford.