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School Council Ambassadors

The School Council Ambassadors are led by Miss Boots and they meet  every week to discuss a variety of topics in school including; how to develop as global citizens, improve school meals, purchasing new playground equipment and how to continue making the school a safe and happy place for its pupils.

Over the year the Council will have invited Mrs Bradford, Mrs Green (our school cook) and members of the Governing Body to their meetings to discuss their collective thoughts, concerns and ideas.


Autumn 2019 Ambassador Elections

School council have met to elect the chair, vice chair and secretary. The following children received the most votes for the following roles.

  • Chair – 
  • Vice Chair – 
  • Secretary – 

 The School Council for 2019 - 2020 is as follows:


Reception pupils will join the school council later in the year.

During the first term School Council met to decide on their goals for this year. Together they decided they would like to:

  • Meet with Mrs Bradford to discuss our plans for the year.
  • Meet with Miss McFerran to talk about new wake up shake up routines and games at lunchtime.
  • Meet with Mrs Kemmish to talk about the school menu and tell her what we like and possible changes we wish to make.
  • Meet with Miss McFerran to talk about outdoor equipment and doing different activities at playtime for example colouring.
  • Raise money for new playground equipment.
  • Raise money for people who do not have homes.
  • Talk to Mrs Bradford about lunchtime behaviour and using charts with different rewards for example, extra playtime for the class who receive the most stars each half term.

During Autumn term we have been very busy and we have had many visitors at our meetings.

We have met with Miss Turley to discuss outdoor equipment and activities at playtime. She took our ideas on board and said there was no need to raise money as she had some money in her budget that she already has plans to use for new outdoor equipment which we were all really pleased about.

We met with two governors: Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Percival. We gathered questions from across the School regarding their role. We asked all our questions and they also asked us questions about our role and what we do to help our school and community.

We organised and led the Samaritans Shoe Box Appeal, we collected 40 shoe boxes from across the school and personally delivered them to a drop off point in Sutton.

One of our goals was to raise money for people who don’t have homes and rather than choosing a charity ourselves, we organised a whole school vote, where every child across the school voted. The votes took place in the hall where each child posted their vote in the ballot box. We counted the votes and the charity with the most votes was Save the Children. To raise money for this charity we decided to do a movie night. Again we all voted for the movie and we planned and organised the movie night. This was a huge success and we raised £300.00 and the children who attended all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Article 13 (freedom of expression)

Every child must be free to express their
thoughts and opinions and to access all
kinds of information, as long as it is within
the law.