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Holland House Infant School And Nursery

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The Holland House Curriculum

Curriculum Statement Intent 

At Holland House Infant School and Nursery, we believe and it is our intention that every child should be nurtured, valued and empowered to have the highest aspirations for their future. We aim for children to reach their fullest possible potential through the provision of a broad and balanced, stimulating, innovative and creative curriculum. We recognise that children need to be numerate and literate but also that they need to be fully prepared and equipped to access the next stage of their education confidently with the appropriate life skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to be successful in their learning. Depth of knowledge is acquired by; mastering concepts, developing skills, acquiring knowledge and deepening understanding.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge our young learners in the rapidly changing times in which they live and also to develop them as global citizens with a responsibility for the future of the planet. Embedded within our curriculum is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This will equip our children to critically and actively engage with the challenges and opportunities of life in a fast changing world with a sound understanding of their rights and the rights of all children the world over.

A discreet curriculum of learning behaviours, involving the ‘Learnosuars’ enables children to develop different attributes to learning to support independence, resilience, responsibility, reciprocity, collaboration and success and these values drive our curriculum. 

We also want children to be tolerant, respectful individuals who embrace and celebrate differences and diversity.  We also actively encourage children to be interested in the world around them, to be able to ask questions and to be inquisitive. We encourage children to believe in themselves, to be aspirational and to always challenge themselves, helping them to become thoughtful, successful and independent individuals ready for the next phase of their education.


Each half termly theme of learning begins with a 'BIG' question and then with an exciting day of learning to immerse children into the new theme of learning or topic; this is followed by an opportunity for an assessment of prior knowledge and skills.

Some content is subject specific, whilst other content is creatively combined in a cross curricular approach. Continuous provision, in the form of daily routines, replaces the teaching of some aspects of the curriculum and, in some cases provides retrieval practice for previously learned content.

We understand that learning is invisible in the short term and that sustained mastery takes time.

  • Learning is most effective with spaced opportunity for repetition, consolidation and using and applying. 
  • Retrieval of previously learned content is frequent and regular, which increases both storage and retrieval strength.
  • Interleaving learning using a cross curricular approach helps pupils to discriminate between topics and aids long term memory.

For further information about the principles that underpin our curriculum implementation please see our Curriculum Design and Implementation Booklet by clicking on the right hand side of the page.

Our Curriculum Pledge

The primary purpose of our curriculum is to guarantee a successful learning experience for every child. With this in mind, we make the following learning pledges to ensure that every child is developed to their full potential:

  • Every child, in every lesson, will be provided with opportunities to be engaged, challenged and to make progress.
  • Every child will be provided with opportunities to increase their self-esteem, motivation and aspirations.
  • Every child will be provided with opportunities to experience the wider world as a core part of their curriculum. We provide many theme days, educational visits and trips as well as visitors that will bring our subjects to life.
  • Every child will know how to keep themselves safe and will recognise and understand the importance of healthy lifestyles and being active.
  • Every child will leave us fully prepared for the next stage of their education.  

Curriculum Design and Implementation at Holland House

Click on the image above  to explore our rich and rounded curriculum and to read about our wonderful curriculum design. You can also download our fabulous year group curriculum booklets, full of information about the learning children will be enjoying in each year group.

 “Holland House is a Happy and Hardworking place where no learning time is wasted”