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Holland House Infant School And Nursery

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What learning looks like in our
Early Years Foundation Stage

We have two fantastic open plan reception classrooms and a nursery classroom for our children in the EYFS. The environment is highly stimulating and engaging for all pupils and this supports learning with carefully planned lessons that incorporate all areas of learning within the EYFS. We treat every child as unique during their learning journey at Holland House encouraging them to be resilient, capable, confident and self- assured. The EYFS environment both indoors and outdoors facilitates the development of positive relationships with adults and children and it also enables children to become resilient, confident and independent learners developing important lifelong skills. We also welcome and encourage positive relationships with parents and careers in our friendly nurturing environment. 


Children continually have access to resources from the seven areas of learning and they are actively encouraged to self-select the activities they would like to undertake. This not only enthuses and motivates the children to explore and investigate but also helps them to develop skills of independence, negotiation and problem solving. Children are also taught and encouraged to demonstrate respect and responsibility for their environment and this involves taking care of equipment and resources both indoors and outdoors.  


Children are taught and learn through the implementation of challenging, purposeful and playful opportunities across the prime and specific areas of learning and development taken from the Development Matters document. 


Children have ongoing access to the outdoor area where they can continue their learning in a safe and stimulating outdoor environment incorporating highly effective continuous provision. Learning is effectively planned to match individual children's ‘Characteristics of Learning’ to ensure that all children achieve their potential and are happy at school. 


Further information about the Development Matters document and Prime and Specific areas of learning in EYFS can be found by following this link. 


Further information about how and what we teach and learn in EYFS can be found by following this link to our curriculum development page