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Holland House Infant School And Nursery

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Holland House Curriculum

A curriculum design model that works for Holland House Children.

At Holland House we underpin learning with the following principles:

  • Challenge and enjoyment
  • Breadth
  • Progression
  • Depth
  • Coherence
  • Relevance and richness
  • Personalisation and choice


What do these principles mean for children at Holland House?  

All of the above principles underpin our curriculum and should be applied collectively, however some may be more relevant at different stages of a child’s development. At Holland House we regularly review and evaluate our curriculum design against these very important principles.


Challenge and Enjoyment within the Curriculum

Children at Holland House are encouraged to be aspirational and we aim to plan learning experiences that are engaging, challenging and motivating for all children thus supporting them to achieve their full potential. Children are encouraged to be active in their learning, to explore and play purposefully and they have many opportunities to develop and demonstrate their creativity. We also support and challenge children, enabling them to sustain their efforts and to persevere in their learning.


Breadth and Richness of Curriculum and Learning

All children and young people should have the opportunities for a rich and rounded range of teaching and learning experiences. Their learning should be planned and sequenced so that they will learn and develop through a variety of contexts within both the indoor and outdoor learning environments and other aspects of school life.


Progression and Pace

Children at Holland House experience continuous progression in their learning from Nursery to the end of Year 2 . Learning is planned effectively to build on prior knowledge and learning experiences. Ongoing assessment is used to plan accurately for the next steps in learning, at a pace that suits and meets the needs of all individual learners.


Depth of the Curriculum

At Holland House there are carefully crafted opportunities for children to develop their capacity for different types of thinking and learning. Children are encouraged to explore, ask questions and reflect upon their own learning, to help them to achieve a greater depth of understanding.



Children at Holland House are actively involved in their own learning and they understand the purpose of their learning and related activities. They are encouraged to see the value of what they are learning and its relevance to their lives, past, present and in the future.


Coherence and a Cross Curricular Curriculum

At Holland House, we plan to use a creative and cross curricular approach to teaching and learning. Opportunities combine to form a coherent learning experience for children. We develop links between different aspects of learning and children are encouraged to use and apply the skills and knowledge that they have acquired already to different and new areas of the curriculum, thus making further links within their learning.


Personalisation and Choice

The learning planned for children at Holland House responds to their unique and individual needs. The curriculum is adapted and planned to meet the needs of individual learners aptitudes and talents. The curriculum provides children with the opportunities to self-select and exercise their own responsible personal choices. Children participate actively in planning for their own learning by identifying what they already know and understand about a topic or area of learning and what else they would like to find out and explore within that area of learning.

Click on the image above to download our Curriculum Design Guide for Parents. Read about the design of our curriculum and our exciting provision. 

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