Reception - Seahorses and Turtles

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Click on the image above for our Reception Curriculum Booklet, sharing information about what children learn during their time in our school Reception.

 About EYFS - Reception Classes 

The Learning Environment in the Early Years

We have two fantastic reception classrooms just next door to our nursery. The Foundation Stage is open plan and we operate a ‘free flow’ system; this means that children can choose to learn and play in any of our Early Years classrooms as well as the outdoor learning environment.

Each classroom has a role play area that is changed and updated regularly based on the children’s ideas and interests; children even make the resources and write all of the signs and labels themselves for this area! Within the EYFS unit there is also a giant walk-in sandpit for all of the reception children to use and a very popular computer area which is also shared.

The environment is highly stimulating and engaging for pupils and this supports learning with carefully planned displays and working walls, as well as celebrating all of our children's fantastic achievements. Children continually have access to resources from the seven areas of learning and they are encouraged to self-select the activities they would like to undertake. This not only enthuses and motivates the children to explore and investigate but also helps them to develop skills of independence, negotiation and problem solving. Children are also taught and encouraged to demonstrate respect and responsibility for their environment and this involves taking care of equipment and resources in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. At Holland House there is a strong ethos of looking after our learning environment and all staff have very high expectations of all children.