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2016-2017 staff at Holland House

 Mrs S. Bradford

Head Teacher

 Ms R.Chatterley

Turtles Class Teacher

Foundation Stage Leader

Maths Leader


Mrs K. Budden

Deputy Head Teacher 

Assessment and Attendance Leader

Miss L. Turley

Dolphins Class Teacher 

 Key Stage One Leader

English Leader

Miss B. Styles

Seahorses Class Teacher

PE Leader


Miss C. Boots

Penguins Class Teacher

RE Leader, SMSC, British Values and SEAL Leader

Miss N. Wright

Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor 


Mrs L. Adams

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs L. Taylor

Teaching Assistant  

Mrs J. Hancox

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Hill


Miss K. Carey

Puffins Class Teacher

Creative Curriculum Leader


Mrs L. Rodgers

 Seahorses Class Teacher

PPA and Intervention Teacher

Music Leader

Miss Z Waters

Intervention and Groups Teacher

working in all year groups

Nursery Class Teacher

Miss K. Bennett

Teaching Assistant 


Mrs D. Miller

Teaching Assistant 

Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning


Mrs E. Butcher

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs J. Bond

Office Manager

Mrs M. Kemmish

School Cook

Mrs A. Andrews

Penguins Class Teacher

Art and Design &Technology Leader


Mrs K. Wright

Seals Class Teacher



Mrs J. Shaw

Teaching Assistant  - SENCo support

Speech and Language 



Miss L. McIlroy

Teaching Assistant 


Mrs J. Burrows

Teaching Assistant  


Mrs L. Wykes

School Administrator

Mr E. Jarvis

Building Services Manager