Recent Letters

June 2017

Year 1 (September 17) Trip Letter                Yr 1 Milk letters for Sept 17

May 2017

Summer Fayre           Arts Freedom Project               Jewellery footwear toast

March 2017

Mother's day         Nursery Summer Drinks          Rec Summer Drinks           YR1 & YR2 Summer Drinks       Yr 2 Swimming    

Club Letter Summer ipad/play dough

February 2017

Yr 1 Trip                       Yr2 Indian Banquet      

January 2017

World Book Day             STEP - Art and Culture Week         Calendar Information for Parents

December 2016

PTA Newsletter

November 2016

Anti-bullying 2016           Permission for dvd, photos and website    Drinks Letter Nursery      Drinks Letter Reception     Drinks letter YR1 & YR2


STEP Open Classroom Event

October 2016

 Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal      Christmas Production Tickets



September 2016

Calendar Information for Parents