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Curriculum at Holland House Infant School

At Holland House, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that is delivered using a multi-sensory and cross curricular approach using a topic based thematic style.  We have implemented the ‘Prospectus Curriculum’, however to ensure that the curriculum is inclusive and relevant to ‘our children’ we continually review and adapt the curriculum to suit the needs and interests of our pupils.

At the start of each topic we gather information about what the children already know and understand and then determine what they want to find out to further their knowledge and understanding further, we then use this information to inform our planning.  This ensures that every child is included and valued and that their individual interests, skills and talents are incorporated into teaching and learning at Holland House.  By continuously adapting our curriculum to the changing needs and interests of our pupils we are ensuring that teaching and learning remains highly engaging and purposeful.  At the end of each topic the children share what they have learnt and experienced and subsequently celebrate answering the questions that were generated at the beginning of the unit.

The impact of the curriculum at Holland House can be seen and measured as pupils are observed applying the skills that they have learnt using a variety of different learning styles within a range of different contexts, both independently and with others.  This allows children to develop the depth of their understanding and also informs class teacher assessment.

The curriculum encourages children to take ownership of their learning by understanding how they learn and develop.  The core ‘learning behaviours’ run through all teaching and learning at Holland House and provides opportunities for the children to; reflect, persevere, be resourceful and work in a reciprocal way.

At Holland House, we believe parents should be at the heart of their childrens’ education so we include them in the curriculum in a variety of ways.  At the start of each term we share year specific curriculum booklets outlining their child’s learning for that term and each week we send out a newsletter with a round-up of the learning that has taken place that week.  Throughout the academic year we invite parents into school to share in their children’s learning – inspire parent workshops, STEP events, galleries of the children’s work and class assemblies.



There may be some changes throughout the year to allow for children’s interests and other external projects. These will be shared with parents through our year group weekly newsletters.



In EYFS, Science is taught as part of the ‘The World' Early Learning goal, which involves the children investigating, discussing, and learning about places and people around them. Each half term the children approach the learning goal through different topics, providing them with a range of experiences and knowledge.


In Key Stage One, Science is taught as part of our Creative Curriculum where possible, although sometimes discrete lessons are needed. We cover the National Curriculum objectives including;

  • Working Scientifically
  • Biology (living things, plants, animals including Humans)
  • Chemistry (everyday materials)
  • Physics (seasonal changes).

At the start of each science unit the children record what they already know and develop questions about what they want to find out. At the end of the science unit we revisit this piece of work allowing the children to successfully answer their own questions. This is also an excellent opportunity for the children to see the progress they have made.


Working Scientifically

At Holland House we are developing the children’s understanding of the world around them through different types of scientific enquiry. The children are encouraged to be curious, ask questions about what they notice, comment on what they observe and begin to use scientific language to talk about and share their ideas. Each unit of science is taught with working scientifically at the core, meaning the children are always asking and answering simple questions, observing closely and gathering and recording their findings.


Science Bug

Science Bug reflects the new primary science programme of study in England and it helps to spark the imagination and fuel curiosity in our children. At Holland House we encourage our children to become inspired and confident young scientists.


History and Geography

Within the EYFS, these subjects are taught under the title of Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Throughout the year the children will achieve these objectives through their different topics. The children are encouraged to discuss and investigate places and people around the world. The key skills that are taught are then extended as the pupils move up the school.


Within Key Stage 1 History and Geography are taught within the Creative Curriculum. Each topic includes a selection of history and geography objectives ensuring a wide coverage throughout the two years. Each topic offers a varied range of activities with specific objectives linked to the national curriculum.