Here at Holland House we teach Computing through ‘Switched on Computing’ which includes six creative and flexible units for each year group.  It covers the programmes of study for computing, including programming and computational thinking.  ‘Switched on Computing’ gives a clear progression of skills and embeds online safety to ensure safe and responsible use of technology.

Year 1

Unit 1.1 - We are Treasure Hunters

Unit 1.2 - We are TV Chefs

Unit 1.3 - We are Painters

Unit 1.4 - We are Collectors

Unit 1.5 - We are Storytellers

Unit 1.6 - We are Celebrating


Year 2

Unit 2.1 - We are Astronauts

Unit 2.2 - We are Games Testers

Unit 2.3 - We are Photographers

Unit 2.4 - We are Researchers

Unit 2.5 - We are Detectives

Unit 2.6 - We are Zoologists